Frequently Asked Questions

How does Freech keep trolls, activists, nazis, etc from turning Freech into a cesspool with their hate speech, bigotry, porn, violence, etc?

We don't! However, Freech uses a twofold approach to preserving content quality:

  1. Say It Thrice: Freech is dedicated specifically to the freedom of Ideas, so we impose some helpful hurdles to nudge creators into thinking through their post essentially 3 times: Once for the main Essay, again for the Summary, and again for the Headline. Impulsive or rude posts will hopefully be reduced by this requirement, and thoughtfulness of content on Freech will hopefully go up!

  2. Use Your Words: Text and speech are what Freech is all about. Images (ug, memes...) and video can't be posted, so even if a post is offensive, it's a slow-reveal which a reader can close before taking in too much. Images are hard to un-see, but disagreeable positions can be ignored if the reader chooses.

How does Freech categorize posts?

We use a combination of Tags (TBD), Votes and Categories) to accurately categorize a post. Eventually, users will be able to search for posts based on Tags, TIGLS, and Categories.

How does Freech prevent mob rule? Can't an army of ABCs mis-tag a post as being X-Wing propaganda?

We adjust a User's voting power based on how much he dogpiles the same content creators or sways with fellow ideologues. Similarly, a User's Civility Score impact his voting power. In this way, individual thinking and courtesy is rewarded. As voting power decreases among a group of users, their ability to mis-tag posts goes down. We're all about free speech, but want to channel it for productive dialog instead of clone wars.