This Is How We Do It

The special sauce of Freech lies in its gentle nudges towards civility and limits on posted content (no images or video). Users can upvote TIGLS on posts and comments to award points to the author. By folks having to use their words and only profiting off positive feedback, they're encouraged to be civil.

TIGLS: Measuring Positive Impact

On Freech, everything you publish, including comments, is part of your body of work, and can receive feedback in the form of comments and upvotes in five "good" attributes your work may have:

  • Good Topic
  • Good Intentions
  • Good Grammar
  • Good Logic
  • Good Solution

Civility Score

As a user collects more upvotes for his body of work, his Civility Score goes up. Civility impact the user's Vote Weight.

All Men Are Created Equal (But Don't Stay That Way)

When a user with a high civility score upvotes another user's work, his vote will weigh more than a new user. With a high enough score in a given TIGLS category, users can also earn badges, allowing them to provide constructive feedback to others.