Terms of Service

By using Freech.Zone (aka Freech), you agree to the following terms which basically say: "You own your content. We don't sell your information. Everything you put into Freech is public except your email and password.


Freech is a platform akin to stump speeches and town halls. All you say is completely public: 200 proof. The only data of yours we keep private is your email address and password. When you create an account, your Human Name is used to make a "Freech Name" which is used in URLs of your content. This is to nudge users towards personal responsibility for what they say since one has a bit less anonymity. However, if you live in a country where your life could be threatened by what you say, Please use discretion in the Human Name you provide to speech. Your Human Name and Freech Name are made public in your profile, while your email address (used to login) and password are never shared without a court order.

Publication Priority and User Verification

Users can become "verified" which indicates they're a real human with the Human Name put in their account. Only the posts of Verified Uses wil show up in the public feed on the Home page. The exception is if a user follows an unverified user, then the new posts of that unverified user will show up on the following user's feed. For example, if Bob follows Alice, then any new post by Alice will show up on Bob's feed whether she's Verified or not. In addition, if Eve a Verified User, then her posts will also show up on Bob's feed whether he follows her or not. In this way, anyone can post and share their content, but Freech doesn't auto-share (via the Home feed) any content from users who aren't Verified. User's need not be verified to use premium services.


We sell nothing of yours. We also don't use ads to make money. We are funded by donations and the sale of premium services, including:

  1. Higher quality podcast audio
  2. Payment services from one's audiece a la Paypal, Patreon etc